pp woven shopping bags | Non Woven Bags Solve the Toxic Problem of Plastic Bags
01 Jan

pp woven shopping bags | Non Woven Bags Solve the Toxic Problem of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are toxic

We all know that plastic bags pollute the environment and are toxic substances, so do you know how many toxins are in a toxic plastic bag? Generally few people pay attention. Then Wenzhou Dexuan Packaging Co., Ltd. will explain to you how much toxins are contained in toxic plastic bags, hoping to help you.

There are two types of plastic bags on the market: non-toxic plastic bags and toxic plastic bags. Non-toxic plastic bags are made of polyethylene, polypropylene, melamine and other raw materials, and can be used to package food; toxic plastic bags such as plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are toxic and cannot be used as food packaging bags.​​​

However, most of the plastic bags used in the market, especially farmers' markets and small traders, are toxic plastic bags, and even plastic bags that come into direct contact with cooked food. These plastic bags are not sterilized, they are heavily filled with talc, and they are used regularly. Cooked food, especially hot food, such as freshly baked buns, porridge, soy milk, etc., are directly packaged into plastic products, which will not cause sudden lesions, but will reduce human health, which is equivalent to chronic food poisoning.​​​

Dr. Zhou Yiqi from the Eco-Environmental Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that disposable plastic bags contain a variety of viruses, bacteria and carcinogens. Among them, talc can form calcium deposits, which can lead to stones in human organs. Packing hot food in single-use plastic bags can easily lead to lead poisoning. Plastic bags can produce up to 16 kinds of toxic substances at high temperature, which penetrate into food, not only damage the human liver and kidneys, but also may interfere with endocrine, resulting in decreased fertility and male "feminization". In addition, if discarded plastic products are contaminated with pollutants, they will become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, flies and bacteria to survive and reproduce. Recycled plastic bags also contain a lot of invisible germs and carcinogens.

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