The Introduction of Non Woven Bags

The Introduction of Non Woven Bags

Non woven bags, also known as non-woven bags, are a new generation of new environmentally friendly materials, which are waterproof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-flammable, very easy to dissolve, non-toxic and non-irritating, colorful, high quality and low price, and can be repeated application, etc.

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Introduction to Non Woven Bags

Non woven bags, as test reports and researchers have shown us, there is a lot of catabolism in nature due to improper use of nylon bags. So it is well known that some conscious and sane countries have done more than grieve and have regulations in place to protect this important issue. Of course, the purpose of regulations is to raise environmental awareness and limit production and consumption. At the same time, however, the researchers noticed that the eco-bag also provided user satisfaction. Therefore, according to environmental regulations and world trends in recent years, non-woven bags have been sought after and loved by people.


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Non woven bag is a kind of green product, which is tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good in air permeability, reusable, washable, screen printing advertisement, mark, and has a long service life.

Non woven bags are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, flame-retardant, non-toxic, tasteless, inexpensive, and recyclable.

Non woven bags are made of non-woven fabrics. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. It is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light in weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable Features.

The advantages of woven bags compared to traditional plastic bags: non-woven bags are cheap and high-quality, environmentally friendly and practical, widely used, and have prominent advertising positions. It is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions and trade fairs, and is an ideal advertising promotion gift for enterprises and institutions.

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