The benefits of non woven bags are fully revealed
07 / 14 / 2022

The benefits of non woven bags are fully revealed

  • Posted 07 / 14 / 2022
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Now that non woven bags are so popular, many people will ask why? Then today Wenzhou Dexuan Packaging Co., Ltd. will fully announce it for you.

Environmentally friendly non woven bags (commonly known as non woven bags) are tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good in air permeability, and can be reused. It is a green and environmentally friendly product.

Since the release of the plastic restriction order, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market of items, and will be replaced by non-woven shopping bags that can be used repeatedly. Compared with plastic bags, non woven bags are easier to print patterns, and the color expression is more vivid. Because the loss rate of non-woven shopping bags is lower than that of plastic bags, it is more cost-effective and brings more obvious advertising benefits.

Traditional plastic shopping bags are thin and easily damaged in order to save costs. But if you want to make it stronger, there will be a cost. The emergence of non-woven environmental protection bags solves all problems. Non-woven shopping bags have strong toughness and are not easy to wear. There are also many non woven bags covered with film, which are not only firm, but also waterproof, feel good, and look beautiful. Although the cost of a single bag is a little higher than that of a plastic bag, the service life of a non-woven shopping bag can be worth hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

A beautiful non-woven shopping bag is not just a packaging bag for commodities. Its exquisite appearance is even more addictive, it can be transformed into a fashionable and simple shoulder bag, and become a beautiful scenery on the street. In addition, the inherent waterproof and non-stick properties of peritoneal non woven bags will definitely become the choice for customers to go out. On such a non-woven shopping bag, the company's logo or advertisement can be printed, which brings advertising effect. It goes without saying that a small investment can be turned into a big return.

non woven bags also have environmental protection and public welfare value. The issuance of the plastic restriction order is to solve environmental problems. The repeated use of non woven bags greatly reduces the pressure of waste conversion.

Environmental protection bags have the function of environmental protection, and environmental protection non woven bags are suitable for the development trend of the times, so they are so popular with people. If you want to know more about environmental protection bags, please continue to pay attention to Wenzhou Dexuan Packaging Co., Ltd.

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