pp woven shopping bags | Non Woven Bags Various Environmental Bag Uses
01 Jan

pp woven shopping bags | Non Woven Bags Various Environmental Bag Uses

What is an environmentally friendly cloth bag? This is a question we may often ask. In fact, the answer to this question is very simple, that is, cloth bags made of environmentally friendly materials can be called environmentally friendly cloth bags.

But this problem is not so simple, because many people confuse environmentally friendly cloth bags with non woven bags. In fact, non woven bags are only one type of environmental protection bags. If environmental protection bags are classified, they can be roughly divided into the following categories: 1. Non-woven fabrics 2. Cotton cloth 3. Canvas 4. Flannel 5. Oxford cloth

In terms of production cost, non woven bags are a cheap environmentally friendly cloth bag, followed by cotton bags, and flannel bags and canvas bags are more expensive. In terms of use, most of the general supermarket shopping bags are non woven bags, and cotton bags are generally used as company information bags to hold the company's promotional materials. Of course, a considerable number of companies also use non woven bags. Flannel bags are generally used as packaging bags for products or gift bags for gifts. And canvas bags are generally used as shopping bags, and many canvas bags are very fashionable in design, and are very popular with some ladies nowadays.

Another kind of cloth bag is Oxford cloth bag. Oxford cloth is a kind of waterproof fabric. Therefore, if you want to make a cloth bag with waterproof function, Oxford cloth bag is generally used. However, the Oxford cloth bag is not strictly an environmentally friendly cloth bag, because there is a layer of waterproof PVC material on the back of the cloth, and this layer of PVC material is not a material that is easily degraded naturally. Therefore, we generally do not count Oxford cloth bags as the category of environmentally friendly cloth bags.

Of course, there are many other types of environmentally friendly fabrics that can also be processed into environmentally friendly bags, but because of their relatively high cost and different processing techniques than the previous ones, they will not be introduced one by one here.